Early in the morning and late in the afternoon when the sun is low, light penetrates my house and casting shadows. My photographs capture the blend of interior and exterior for brief revelatory moments. Windows become porous, words conjoin, and a tension between restrain and freedom is born. Behind these windows I raised my family, protecting them and preparing them for a life in our adopted country. It is on the other side of these windows that most of life, in its various cadences, will transpire.

In his essay the “Uncanny” (1919), Freud investigates the meaning of “heimich” (domestic,familiar) and “unheimlich”. He writes about how the unexpected can render the familiar unfamiliar. My photographs explore this ambiguity by interpreting the familiar spaces of my home in an unsettle manner. I look for the unexpected, staging some of the pictures to create cinematic tension, and leaving undefined what occurred before and may happen after.

This series is a meditation on uncertainty. I explore the beauty found in everyday experience but also anxieties provoked by the unknown, and the reassuring environment we would like to create and control but also the fragility of this ideal. At a time of shifting values and destabilizing changes, I reflect on how to prepare children for this new social order. Regardless of our efforts, the world will continue to surprise us all.